Way Sleep Apnea Appliance Works

You may wonder if there is any solution to your sleep apnea problem. Sleep apnea is not just a problem which involves an open mouth and snoring sound while sleeping. There are quite a number of oral and overall health disadvantages which you may face if you are suffering from the problem of sleep apnea.

Now, there are many options for treatment of this condition but every option involves some sort of pain or discomfort you may not want to go through. Nevertheless, there is one option which you would surely find quite relaxing and effective. It’s basically the use of sleep apnea appliance. This device is made to treat sleep apnea but you can also use it during the day time. The matter of fact is that you can drink water and talk while wearing this device.

How this device works
There no bigger science involved in the working of this device. However, the way it works effectively helps in relieving the sleep apnea. When you sleep normally without a sleep apnea device worn on the teeth, your chin may shift its position towards the throat. As a result, the airway in the throat for breathing gets blocked. In this situation, you automatically breath from your mouth and pull more air into your oral cavity, leading to the a snoring sound coming out of your mouth. This situation can lead to serious health conditions. A sleep apnea appliance keeps your chin in forward position, keeping the airway opened for breathing. This way, you will not need to rely on the automatic response of your body in order to pull more air into your lungs. You will sleep fine that you will get up relaxed.

Sleep apnea appliance and bruxism
Many people have the problem of teeth grinding during night. Teeth grinding is the disastrous habit which leads to the wearing out of tooth enamel from chewing surface. When the enamel is gone and inner part of teeth is exposed, bacteria and other infections find no resistance in entering into the inner part of your teeth. These germs and bacteria then easily travel towards the root of the tooth. Since there are veins and vessels in the area, the infectious bacteria can wreak havoc on the overall health. And the infection to teeth is quite inevitable in this scenario.

Sleep apnea device can be your best friend in this regard. This device is just like a mouth guard which you wear in the day to prevent teeth grinding. The matter of fact is that you can wear this device in the day time.

Finally, it is very important to visit your dentist if you have the problem of sleep apnea and teeth grinding. You can get a sleep apnea appliance prepared specifically for you by having your dentist’s recommendation.